Online service of the MERIDIAN centre is already underway at the present time. Online service MERIDIAN will be implemented using the blockchain technology. Thanks to the blockchain technology and decentralization all the participants will be able to participate in the forming-up of fair rating of social activity and the results of this rating will not be retroactive as the checked-in block cannot be deleted or changed and it is confirmed by other participants. The rating can only be improved by doing good deeds and adding them to the credit.

The MERIDIAN centre has claimed the awards for those who make donations. The Golden Diploma and the Figurine will be awarded to those who will make a donation in the amount of 12,000 Euros. Those who will donate more than 8,000 Euros will be awarded with the Silver Diploma and the Bronze Diploma will go to the benefactors who will make donations in the amount of 5,000 Euros. The Diploma of the MERIDIAN centre is an official recognition of merits in the development of social programs. The Diploma placed on your site will tell everyone that you are engaged in active social activities and contribute to the development of the programs aimed at creating the socially just society. Active link with a picture of the Figurines will show your social status. The Meridian centre will advertise your merits to the community and tell them about your charity work. Together we are changing the world for the better.

The Wallet of the MERIDIAN card contains several currencies:

– bitcoin (BTC)
– ethereum (ETH)
– MERIDIAN tokens (MRD)
– other tokens compatible with the Ethereum ERC-20 Standard.

The MERIDIAN centre has begun issuing payment cards. First and foremost they are the cards for the project participants who have got MERIDIAN tokens and don’t have a digital wallet where they can get them. The MERIDIAN card is a digital wallet and a payment instrument. If you get MERIDIAN tokens we will send you the card by mail. The card works on Bitcoin and Ethereum networks and is the official Bitcoin wallet. After receiving the card you can activate it through e-mail. Money is kept on bitcoin web platform and the access is gained only through your personal password. When you log in to your personal account to activate the card, you will automatically get the digital wallet. Built-in brokers’ board. Any currency can be momentary changed for any other at the minimal rate. Online banking is available in a browser and a phone. Instant transfers to any destination in the world. No fee for the card maintenance. Very easy to work with the card. Using the card you will be able to accept payments and make payments. Your account can’t be blocked. Because the bitcoin network works like the torrent system and it cannot be stopped. At first the MERIDIAN cards will be issued to those who will make a donation. 

All funds raised will be used for the development of the project on creation of the Bank of Good Deeds (online service of citizens services to the society and the government).

To obtain the card you will have to make a donation for the MERIDIAN centre programs in the amount of not less than 150 Euros. The card will be mailed to you. You will have 150 MRD tokens on the card. If the donation is more the number of MERIDIAN tokens will be more. In future your Meridian tokens will help to take a place in the ranking of social activity. To get the card please write to e-mail address pay@cf-meridian.comand, inform us about your address and attach the proof of the payment.

The MERIDIAN centre is launching a new project. This project is about creation of an online service for registration of all socially active citizens and their propaganda.

This project is the creation of the World Electronic Bank (E-Bank) of Good Deeds. On our online service all the citizens who do good deeds useful for the state and the society will be registered. The participants will be volunteers and officials, philanthropists and enterprises of the social sector. All good deeds will be rewarded with MERIDIAN tokens and depending on the number of gained tokens the social ranking of the participants will be built. Good deeds of ordinary citizens and officials will be available to the public, every citizen and enterprise value in building the socially just society will be measured. The details of the new project can be seen on the website of the MERIDIAN centre ( You can also read about the details of the project development on our pages.

As a part of the development and phase in of the project on creation of the World Electronic Bank of Good Deeds, the MERIDIAN centre has issued MRD tokens. MERIDIAN tokens are just a tool of building citizens ranking and rewarding active citizens for their Good Deeds which they do for the benefit of the society and the state. Today our experts are developing a system of rewarding by means of MRD tokens. This system will estimate the work of volunteers and officials, its importance and value for the just society. Benefactors, enterprises which carry out social programs and make donations will also receive MERIDIAN tokens. With awarding MRD tokens each beneficial action of a citizen from a volunteer to a high-level public official will be estimated and it will become clear to everybody who of them brings more benefits to the state and the society. The effect of the work of social services and large enterprises of social sectors, the contribution to the development of the just society will be estimated. All the members of our online social service will influence the formation of social ranking by tokens rewarding.

The MERIDIAN center helps the movement “Doctors without borders” and other charitable organizations and volunteers who assist victims in war areas. A lot of active people risk their lives to help people who are in trouble. The citizens of those countries where there is a military conflict are suffering and needing medical care, medicine, clothes, food and just our compassion. Together we can reduce the pain and help.

Many refugees run from wars to EU countries. Refugees are looking for any opportunity to get into Europe and their number is not decreasing, but growing.

To stop this process it is necessary not to deal with migrants in Europe but help the countries which refugees leave. People run away from havoc and famine, diseases and fear for their lives. Our center raises funds and helps the organizations that build houses instead of those destroyed by wars, restore hospitals, schools and other socially significant objects. To stop the flow of refugees is possible only if we help them to create normal living conditions in their home countries. People should live and not to be afraid. The solution to this problem depends on each of us too.

The Meridian centre is working hard with representatives of small peoples and ethnic groups residing on the territory of the European Union. We publish literature for children which helps them to understand the laws of modern society and the environment they live in. We hold discussions and organize seminars among representatives of ethnic groups, explain the accepted standards of conduct and the principles of the modern society. We help to preserve the identity of small peoples. We hold a festival of folk art. Our events are not only useful for the representatives of small peoples and ethnic groups, they are also very interesting for all the citizens who live on the territory of the European Union.

The Meridian centre is involved in environmental programs. We work with volunteers who clean the territory from garbage. Our centre is raising funds and is always ready to assist in the rectification of the consequences of universal and industrial disasters. The pollution of our planet is very big-sized and is increasing from year to year.

If we do not deal with the consequences of the progress, the humanity will very quickly approach to the extinction. Let’s leave our children the clean planet. Let our children and grandchildren live happily. It is possible to buy almost everything for money nowadays but we will never buy our clean and beautiful nature if it has already been destroyed by technological progress and rude attitude of people.